We are experienced in Nitinol tube manufacturing

For over 25 years, we have been providing high quality medical tubing. Our processes conform to ISO 13485 and we understand your challenges related to FDA registered products and the Quality and Regulatory aspects of your business.

Our objective is to support your business thru the whole manufacturing process and to provide appropriate documentation.

Continuous Drawn Tubes

Cirtec is pleased to announce that we are now producing continuous drawn tubing.

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Peripheral Tubes

We have designed a new Peripheral Vascular Tubing product line for AAA and venous indications.

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Laser Cutting

In addition to our wide range of Nitinol tubing, we also provide customer-specific Nitinol processing.

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Are you searching for customized tubes?

We produce highly customized tubes to meet your requirements. Please talk to our product engineers for more information.
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“We are excited to invest in our location in Germany and further expand our business in Europe by providing custom solutions to our customers worldwide.”

Brian Highley
CEO, Cirtec Medical Inc.