Continuous Drawn

Cirtec is pleased to announce that we are now producing continuous drawn tubing. We understand that designing devices in a highly regulated industry can be challenging and our experienced and knowledgeable Nitinol team is here to help. We provide more than just Nitinol tubing, we provide vertically integrated capabilities for every aspect of your medical device program, from design and development to precision components and finished device assembly and packaging.

Cirtec's Nitinol tubing capabilities include:

  • Cardiovascular Stents
  • Delivery Devices & Catheters
  • Endoscopy
  • Orthopedics
  • Peripheral Stents

Continuous drawn tubes are available in an Outer Diameter range starting from 0,30 mm (0,0118 inches) to a maximum of 2,00 mm (0,0787 inches). Our continuous drawn tubes are drawn seamless.

Turn to Cirtec as a trusted resource and reliable partner for your next tubing project.

Are you searching for customized tubes?

We produce highly customized tubes to meet your requirements. Please talk to our product engineers for more information.
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