Peripheral Tubes

We have designed a new Peripheral Vascular Tubing product line for AAA and venous indications. This new product line enables us to respond to the growing demands for the following specifications:

  • Outstanding surface quality
  • High fatigue live performance
  • No further ID surface treatment required
  • For Femto and Fiber laser processes depending on the wall thickness
  • All these advantages at attractive costs

Peripheral tubes are available in an Outer Diameter range starting from 1,00 mm (0,039 inches) to a maximum of 3,00 mm (0,118 inches). Our peripheral tubes are drawn seamless. We produce tubing mainly from Nitinol, but are open for projects with different material i.e. L605 or MP35N.

Our Nitinol team is here to help and assist you with your peripheral tubing demands. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your individual project.

Are you searching for customized tubes?

We produce highly customized tubes to meet your requirements. Please talk to our product engineers for more information.
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